Aboutpeople is conducting surveys and digital monitoring and offers services of strategic communications, by combining both traditional and online tools for data collection.



Through the combination of traditional research tools and the creation of new ones with the use of technology, we offer you immediate and reliable answers. We have one goal: to meet your ever-changing needs methodically and effectively.

Research Categories

  • Internet
  • Phone surveys
  • Face to Face
  • Desk Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Focus Groups
  • In depth interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Social
  • Political
  • Strategic
  • Commercial



We strongly believe that thorough analysis and comprehensive briefing can benefit your brand and image management. We offer you services of recording, evaluation and analysis of all online publications concerning you in real time.

With the use of the latest tools we can record everything that concerns you in the greek internet, in social media, websites, forums and blogs. Above all we offer you a qualitative in depth analysis of the publications. We have the ability to examine all mentions one by one and to record reactions based on demographic data, therefore our clients can have a comprehensive idea of their digital image.

Strategic Communication

Through the combination of knowledge and method, we offer you complete and tailor made strategic communications programmes. We also contribute greatly to their implementation with the use of a vast network of specialized partners.

  • Communications strategy
  • Public image handling
  • Communication campaigns
  • Consulting, following up on strategy implementation
  • Consulting services in issues of communications, strategy and public relations
  • Applied use of internet and new media
  • Seminars on public speaking and media training
  • Corporate Social Responsibility



Aboutpeople is exactly what its name implies: a company whose focal point is the citizen, the user, the consumer.

In an era of constant change we decided to create an agency able to give immediate and effective answers and solutions. We are here, not just to collect data but mainly to analyze and utilize them to offer you the required knowledge about main trends, opinions and citizens’ beliefs. We are here to turn numbers into strategy and to take part in its implementation in the most effective way.

Aboutpeople is a member of ESOMAR and is part of the Register of Bodies and Companies of Polls of the Department of Audit and Transparency of the ESR.

Aboutpeople’s founder and Managing Director is Petros Ioannidis. He has studied political science in Lancaster University (BA) and communications in the Department of Sociology of City University (MA). He’s been doing research, communications and strategy since 2002 and is a member of the International Association of Political Consultants and of the Greek Association of Political Studies.

Fay Grammatikou is operations director and statistician Gianna Daskalaki is head of the quantitative surveys